How to Get Creative

A big welcome to you all.

We are super pleased that you landed on our page in your quest for creativity and we think you will be too.

Creativity isn’t something that comes naturally to everybody and even those who have a creative streak get a little blocked every now and again.

Unfortunately, in a day and age where almost every subject you can think of has been covered in one way or another, it is especially important that you can tap into your creativity in order to have a unique selling point or just stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

That’s where the Creative Insurgents come in.

The site is here for people from all backgrounds, be it a field in the creative arts right through to the suits, so be you a painter or an accountant Creative Insurgents is here to help you.

There will be tips, hints and advice in areas from home DIY, to creative thinking to marketing material help so you shouldn’t be short of inspiration!

To get us started, let us take a look at how you can get your creative ‘Mojo’ back in the world of the artistic.

Watch the vid below for some interesting thoughts on what art is and if you are really stuck in a rut or if you are holding yourself to too many rules.

It gives you some thoughts for how to get your head into the right space for creating and producing without purpose and has an interesting take on why it’s OK to ‘copy’.

If you use those techniques then they can be a really good spring for creating more poignant and well-developed projects in the future.