Creative Blocks & How To Fix Them

Wherever your abilities fall on the creative spectrum, there are probably days when your flow just isn’t… flowing.

It happens to the greatest professional creatives as well as the creative hobbyist and dabblers.

Creativity can be a fickle thing.

Scientists and philosophers are still trying to discover more about this mysterious and often magical aspect of our human experience. Some even struggle to define what creativity actually is.

So it’s not surprising that the rest of us can sometimes find ourselves baffled by the creative process.

But there’s good news.

Creativity has long been a fascinating subject to study, but in recent years, it has become even more of a hot topic, as it’s now being linked to the two big ideals; success and happiness.

So creativity experts are sharing their findings on how our creative minds work – as well as what we can do when the creative juices slow to a trickle or even stop altogether.

Watch the following video to find out two ways creative blocks can come about, as well as some helpful remedies to get you back into your flow.