What is a Creative Coach?


The term ‘creative coach’ is a relatively new one that seemed to blossom alongside many other newer terms such as blogger and solopreneur. But the idea of creative coaching isn’t completely a new one – these are the people that work with creative types such as artists, writers, musicians and dancers to help them get the most from their talents. So what does a creative coach do and how do you know if you need one?


What the job entails

One of the big things about the kind of support you’ll receive from a creativity coach is that it is based on what the individual needs so no two coaching sessions are ever exactly the same. But there are some overriding principles that guide what a creative coach does.

The main job of the coach is to work a little like a life coach but with a focus particularly on your creative work. These coaches don’t just work with people who are ‘naturally talented’ and can help people harness a creativity in themselves they didn’t realise existed to make a career from it. They believe that everyone has some creativity inside them and just need to find the right outlet for it.


Benefits of working with a coach

Working with any kind of coach can help you understand and push past blocks that are holding you back in life. When you do this with a creative coach, then the focus is on blocks to your creativity. This might mean that you haven’t harnessed your creativity at all yet or it might mean you have reached a block in your ongoing progress that stops you improving.

A coach can also help you step back and take a broader look at what you do to see where you want to go and to instil a sense of meaning in your efforts. We all suffer from anxieties, doubts and fears but working with a coach can help you move past these, see your goals clearly and work towards them.

The overall aim is that your creativity shines through and you can be happy and productive, pursuing the career or activity that you love without mental blocks or fears stopping your progress.


Organising your creativity

Another aspect of working with a creative coach can be to help start a creative business, structure it and make something that will have the strongest possible chance of success. Often people have a ton of ideas but aren’t sure how to make them into something practical and profitable. Creative coaches can help you narrow down your focus, find the right niche for your talents and design a concept that will make a successful business.

Often, they will work with people who want to change their life, who have an idea for a business or a venture that they want to make into something tangible but are a little unsure how to do it. Creative coaches offer non-judgemental places for people to develop their creative skills and do whatever they want to do with them while allowing you to be what you want to be.